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There's a misperception that Out-of-Home is out of reach for small to medium businesses, and only large national brands use display advertising. In fact, Out-of-Home can be a very affordable, targeted way to grow brand recognition regionally and beyond. More than two-thirds of consumers make purchase decisions outside of their home, and there is no more effectiveadvertising channel to drive consumers than Out-of-Home.


Out-of-Home advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Geopath Ratings go beyond basic traffic counts to incorporate today's data and information from smart cars, weather reports - even millions of anonymous mobile devices to get the most accurate idea of the effectiveness of your campaign.

Why wait until it's over to get the results? Geopath empowers you to make the best choices for location and messaging using demographic-specific impressions, rating points, and reach and frequency measures for our entire inventory.


Integrating Out-of-Home into your marketing plan can drive consumers to your website, social media pages or brick and mortar location. It can also be an effective channel to amplify the messaging and offers you're communicating via radio, television, print and web advertising.

By creating a display that effectively communicates your brand, you have the potential to reach hundreds or thousands of eyes every day. Putting your brand "on the brain" of every car or pedestrian that sees your display makes it more likely they will contact your company when a need arises.


Today's consumer wants to feel unique, special and valued. Displays that encourage one-to-one interaction with your brand can increase your army of loyal customers and even encourage them to be valuable advocates for your brand.

Create offers, contests and messaging that motivate them to tap into your campaign. Whether it's sharing something via Instagram of Facebook, opting in to your newsletter, liking your Facebook page or following you on Twitter, be sure to respond and engage with them. Acknowledging that they've responded is a powerful way to keep them interested in your brand.


Increasing the number of people that follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest increases your ability to communicate directly with your best customers with targeted messages and offers. Social media advertising can be a highly effective way to increase sales with an excellent ROI.

Weeks before your campaign launches, be sure to backfill content on your pages if your posts are few and far between. Facebook allows for backdating posts on your business page, so even if an event or product launch is "old news" you can put it in your feed. First-time visitors to your sight will likely peruse your photos, posts, displays or tweets to see how relevant your product or service is to their needs. Now is the opportunity to put your best foot, or content, forward.

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